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Why Google Ads and SEO should be used at the same time?
SEO and Google Ads

While many people (and agencies) view SEO and Google Ads as separate campaigns, the two digital marketing methods share huge similarities in conceptual terms. In fact, methods to enhance SEO also aid the performance of your search campaigns. Here’s the four reasons that you should consider using Google Ads and SEO together.

Exposure on Google

Both SEO and Google Ads work on improving the search result of your website. As surveyed, over 90% of searchers choose a result on the first two pages. And Google Ads will occupy the top 1-4 results.
Using both Google Ads and SEO helps to increase the appearance of your website on the same keyword result, highly encouraging website traffic and brand awareness.

Shared Data

Because of their reliance on search relevance, having both Google Ads Search Campaign and SEO running together offers more in-depth insights to the keyword that your website is being shown in. And, the data will help to optimize both your search ad and SEO campaign.

Better Strategy Planning

The mentioned data is hugely beneficial in planning a strategy for SEO which will, in turn, influence your Google Ads campaign. The results from your search campaign, especially from A/B testing, helps to determine the copywriting of your meta-title and meta-description for a more compelling organic SERP.
The benefits of Google Ads do not stop as better ranking and meta-titles. The keywords that inflict the ads of your website (considering that you are using broad match) can tell you a lot about the search behaviors of your audience.

Better marketing support

SEO ultimately lies on three concepts – authority, relevance and trust. In marketing terms, this means establishing a status that protects your website from competitors and negative rumors.
Great SEO, combined with optimized Google Ads, uphold the authority of your website to defend against negativities to your company. Much like what traditional marketing does with brand loyalty.
Moreover, the support of SEO to Google Search Ads are fundamental. Other than the quality score of the landing page that your Google Ads will lead to, the user experience of the website also influences the possibility of conversion on your website. SEO-optimized page not only helps your Google Search Ads to be shown, but also aids customer retention and encourage sales on your website.

On Social Media terms

While social media becoming the must-have marketing channel for all kinds of businesses, shifting the attention from social media to your own business website is an essential step in collecting leads.
Over the years working between SEO, Google Ads and Social Media, we have found a concrete linkage between the three common digital marketing methods. Social media actively broadcast your brand to those who is yet to learn your name while SEO and Google Ads act passively to collect customer leads when they look for your brand on search engines.
The content on social media, with the frequent mention of your brand, also lead to a better online presence of your brand.