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Reasons to do *digital marketing in 2019
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If you’re reading this, I bet you’re either really looking for digital marketing tips, or just coming in to read how stupid this blog can go based on the title. Either way, enjoy reading.

No one: Really? It’s 2019 and you’re writing a blog about the reasons to start digital marketing.


No one: Really? It’s 2019 and you’re writing a blog about the reasons to start digital marketing.


Me: […]


Literally no one: Screw it, no one will care about this.


Me: Well… Did you know marketing can be free now?


Digital marketing has been a part of our life now. Simply because you’re reading this, I guess you have most certainly met some form of digital marketing before. And you are probably doing some.




The digital marketing landscape has hugely shifted since Google has participated in this industry. And I’d say, if you’re not using Google, you are missing a huge chunk of the market.


Google are now holding some of the largest social media on the planet, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Adding the immense network of Google Search Partners and the Google Display Network, advertisements through Google Ads can reach over 90% of Internet users (basically means everyone in the world).


You might say, my business is not looking for a global market. But it does not mean you can’t take advantage of Google Ads. Not like the typical billboards, your advertisements on Google Ads can be targeted to a specific audience. If you’re a local yoga studio, the ads can be targeted to your postcode. Or, if you’re selling insta-worthy brunches, look for the millennials.


On the topic of insta-worthy stuff, you can also choose where to place your advertisements. If you’re selling a chocolate lava cake with flambé, your ads can selectively show just on Facebook and Instagram to showcase the beauty of your cake. Or you can just use search ads so your customers can reach you when they are looking for a locksmith.


Notice the asterisk (*) before digital marketing in the title? It’s there because digital marketing is so revolutionary with capabilities that redefined marketing.


With tracking codes embedded into websites, you can see real-time traffic to your website. You can also track users’ actions at your website. If your customers left your website with items in their shopping cart, you can “re-market” them and hopefully turn them into sales.


And you’re in a different realm when the tracking codes are tied to Google Ads. Now you only pay for your advertisements when someone interacted on your ads or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to digital marketing nerds. No more crazy expenses to show your advertisements, only pay when you’re getting a lead. Basically, it means FREE impressions to your potential customers until they are ready to interact with your business.


It’s not necessarily free, is it? Yeah, yeah, I know. How about boosting the organic ranking of your website on Google? Not paying for the top spot but be the first after the ads. Most of those searching online would only decide between results on the first page. If your website is among them, you have a much higher chance to seize a customer. Introducing SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, which uses various ways including enhancing the landing page, creating backlinks and better copywriting to lead your website higher in search results.


It’s technically FREE if you’re a guru who can be a website designer, a website developer, a copywriter and a SEO expert. A great SEO would require writing HTML codes, designing and implementing a website, doing hours of research for keywords and experience in writing and editing paragraphs that are grammatically correct, effective for the Google analysis while also entertaining to your potential customers. Or (shameless plug) you can find a company like WeBoost to help. (You’re expecting this, don’t ya?)


WeBoost have years of experience in offering affordable SEO, PPC and social media marketing to adapt your marketing onto the huge Google advertising network. We can help with all the functionalities and capabilities of digital marketing aforementioned, plus additional services including WeChat marketing, mobile application development and large-scale customised systems (like CRM & ERP) for all your digital marketing needs. Oh, did I mention our commitment to great customer service and experience?


Contact us through any means you can get hold of us, including our website, our phone (+61 385 129 918) or our email ([email protected]).


Alternatively, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn by @weboost.au for updates from us.


WeBoost, we boost your brand.

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