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Introduction to Domain Authority
domain authority

Domain authority is an abstract concept. Imagine that there is an enormous amount of information and number of websites on the internet, how does search engine evaluate them? How to define a good or bad website? Through more than 20 years of the rapid development of the internet, authoritative institutes have commenced with the study of domain authority and concluded four key points:

  • The prestige of a website and its authors
  • Quality of the information presented in a website
  • Information and website centrality
  • The competitive situation around a subject

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz telling users how well a website should rank on search engine result pages (SERP), it uses a 0 to 100 scale. The higher the DA, the greater ability it has to rank, and vice versa.

Normally, a newly established website starts from 1 while market leaders such as Google, Facebook and other multinationals, their average DA score starts from 90. You can use SEO tools like MozBar, Link Explorer and so forth to check a website’s DA score.

WeBoost domain test

What is page authority? Why it is easier to improve PA ranking?

Page authority (DA) and domain authority (DA) complement each other. That is why some may feel confused about them. Here we list some simple features to understand the difference between PA and DA.

  • DA and PA are calculated independently but grow together just like brothers and sisters.
  • DA and PA need “nurturing”, your ranking cannot improve without nurturing only one of them
  • If your DA is getting higher then PA of all pages will benefit from it.
  • If your PA is getting higher, it will improve DA slightly.

Generally speaking, PA is easier than DA to improve. It is because landing pages or pages selling products belong to PA. And most people would put more budget and emphasis on these pages. For instance, most people search the latest iPhone model, and it will link to the iPhone 11 landing page instead of linking to the home page of Apple Inc. This will greatly improve the PA of the iPhone 11 landing page. Also, a single page can be placed more “related” content while the home page of a website lacks specific content. Except you search a company’s name, otherwise it will link to other pages instead of the home page in most situations.


How to improve domain authority?

If you want a great DA ranking, it is highly recommended to focus on maintaining a healthy link profile. Here we take a website selling cakes as an example to elaborate on how to establish healthy links.

Back Links

Backlinks are an important component of SEO. But you have to make sure your page is linked from a related or authoritative website.


Derivative products like Coffee and milk tea

If you can make cakes, you can ask nearby coffee shops or fast food stores if your dessert can be sold on consignment. Getting effective external links is the same, you first deliver the value without considering your own benefits, which will help reach a win-win situation.

DIY is popular now, work with bakery tools manufacturer

Currently, more and more people are willing to DIY at home as they can enjoy the process of making dessert. This offers an opportunity for you to write a blog placing an introduction of bakery tools from the supplier, and the supplier also places an anchor on their web page that can direct to your blog then you can get a highly related backlink.

Provide academic knowledge, start from the source of materials

People love to learn new knowledge, you can write some related articles like what kind of butter will make your cake delicious, although you have no idea if you can get backlinks from manufacturers but it helps your website look more professional and improve DA.

Internal Links

Internal links refer to an anchor in your article that can be directed to another article within your website. Internal links are much easier to plan since it is under your control, unlike external links which require others’ permission to establish links.

Internal links

What is dessert, or comparative articles

In order to build internal links, to write this sort of articles like “what is dessert” is quite simple as you can find oceans of information from Wikipedia. Of course, you cannot just copy and paste but pick some ideas and add your thoughts to complete this article. Additionally, in comparison to two products, or Asian and western habits of having dessert, and use more infographics will be more fascinating.

In conclusion, domain authority is one of the essential indicators of SEO. Although we cannot just rely on DA to determine whether a site is good or not but it indeed will help us detect fake news or misleading information. Improving DA ranking cannot be achieved overnight, WeBoost are professionals with years of extensive experience to deliver solid solutions for your domain ranking.