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Get More Followers in Instagram
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It is never an easy task to drive organic traffic and get continuous follower growth on Instagram without making efforts to nurture your account. Yes, you may say that we can spend $10 US dollars and get 1000 Instagram followers from a quick Google search. But please do note that those purchasable followers would not interact with your posts because they are either bots or inactive accounts. To encourage users to press the “follow” button on your page, one of the ways is to make a sound Instagram strategy with clear plans. The other way is to maintain a professional operation of your Instagram account, which can help increasing brand awareness and followers. Let’s dive deep into the improvements that you can make right away with the right move.

1.  Setting a goal of the Instagram strategy

Making a wise decision helps to expose your Instagram account to more people and allows you to build potential connections with your target audience. To begin with, you may first want to think about what do you want to achieve? It can be increasing your brand awareness or encouraging interactions between your audience and your brand, and finally leading to the growth of sales. If you concentrate on these goals and execute the right strategies, you can attract more profile visitors who will potentially become loyal followers on your Instagram. And next step we should pay attention to essential factors that should be taken into account while making a good strategy.

2. Target audience

Once you have set up your own Instagram strategies, your next step is to research on the demographics of your target audience such as age, gender, hobby, vocation, region and other important features that can help you get a clearer user profile so you can develop corresponding strategies with appropriate content as it is the most effective way to broadcast your brand story to the right audience.

3. Content

Content is the soul of your Instagram post. Great content is what people would like to see and the reason why they are following your Instagram. Everyone would like to spend time on good content, and they would not hesitate to tap the like button if the content is engaging. Therefore, if your content is compelling enough, users will tend to like and share your post with their own networks.

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4. Other social networks

Keep an eye on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin because you would want to expand your Instagram presence through other networks as much as possible, which is much easier for users to find you. Generally, you can share an Instagram link with your other existing social networks in order to make it more discoverable. Notice that you have to provide a good reason why people should click the link to find out what is on your Instagram profile.

5. Hashtags

Hashtags have been used for a long time on Instagram, it is still a powerful method in terms of getting new followers. When people search for content that is relevant to your products or brand, there is a good chance that your post will be presented to the target audience if you have hashtags. To use hashtags appropriately, you should first identify what are the popular hashtags related to your Instagram posts. Then you can build your own hashtags according to the trends and get more responses from people who may like your brands or products.

6. Tag users

If you know how to tag related users in the correct way, you can encourage them to engage with your posts and share them with their friends. When you tag certain users with an @-mention in your posts, they can get the notification of what you have done. If the posts are compelling to them, they may share with their own networks and other people may see it and go to your Instagram to see your profile.

7. Post time

Timing plays an important role in Instagram strategies and leads to different results. However, the best post time varies from industry to industry. You have to do research to find out your own best timing for Instagram posts according to the demographics of your audience or try to post at a different time and find the prime time. Once you confirm a suitable time to post, just do it constantly. If people cannot see your posts in a constant manner, they may forget you and lose interest quickly.

8. Captions

People are sharing pictures and videos on Instagram and most of us think a picture is worth a thousand words. However, captions are essential as well to attract new users as they can describe your main idea clearly in different ways. You can also be creative by using captions and find out your own style to interact with your users. For example, you can try different caption lengths to tell your story to your audience.


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