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Announcing WeShop: Multi-platform e-Commerce System for Retail Businesses
WeEat WeShop system showcase
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Helping businesses to expand sales channels to websites and mobile applications with one-stop stock management

WeBOOST is announcing a new e-commerce system called WeShop. It continued our previous development of WeEat – a food ordering and delivery system – to offer Melbourne and Australia businesses the ability to expand their sales channels to the online space.

Introduction to WeShop

WeShop is developed in-house by the business IT development team at WeBOOST. Over the past years working with retail businesses, many of our clients expressed the wish to expand online product sales to multiple platforms, including website, mobile applications and WeChat. However, the repetitive action to manage stock levels individually on the said platforms were time-consuming and negatively impacting their workflow.

Aimed to solve the issue in stock management, the development team was able to merge stock management across websites, mobile applications and WeChat into one portal. This allowed online stock management to be performed at one place and synchronised to all online platforms, significantly reducing the time taken for stock management for different e-commerce platforms.

Supported Platforms for WeShop

WeShop currently support these platforms, including website, iOS and Android applications, WeChat H5 pages and WeChat Mini Program. These platforms would cover all contemporary operating systems and internet browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari and more.

Supported Payment Methods for WeShop

Offering a number of digital payment methods allows customers to choose the payment that they are most used to and enhance user experience. Therefore, WeShop supports the following electronic payment methods: Stripe, Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, Wechat Pay and Alipay. Upcoming payment methods, such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, will be added in future updates of WeShop.

Supported Shipping Methods for WeShop

WeShop offers a number of shipping options including flat rate shipping, free shipping and shipping by independent couriers for businesses to select and link to the product shipping method that they prefer.

Other Features of WeShop

From our previous experience in developing e-commerce websites and systems for retail businesses, WeShop is embedded with our in-house developed e-commerce features to help improve sales. These features include:

Coupon code: coupons can be provided to the customers to encourage sales. Coupons can offer a percentage discount, fixed price discount, free shipping or other unique product combinations.

Group buying: group buying encourages more users to buy the same product together to increase sales for a particular product and reduce cost with large quantity orders.

Store credits: credits can be allocated to customers who made a purchase and encourage them to continue shopping with credits as discounts.

Distribution management: this feature helps wholesalers to distribute their products through the platform and reduce time cost in managing shipping.

Technical and Marketing Supports to WeShop

All customers will receive full technical support in operating WeShop in the first year, including system stability and system operation tutorials. Customers can select from two technical support packages for the second year in using WeShop. The two packages differ from providing full technical support and future updates or solely offering server hosting.

As WeShop is fully developed in-house by WeBOOST, WeShop users can receive direct support from the talents who developed this system.

Digital marketing service from WeBOOST is also available to WeShop customers at a discounted price. Supporting marketing services to WeShop include Google Ads, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media advertisements, social media management, content marketing and email direct marketing (EDM).

WeBOOST also provides marketing consultant services to aid start-up businesses in building their online brand presence at an affordable price.

More information about WeShop and WeEat

We have developed two websites to further introduce WeShop and WeEat to anyone who are interested.

WeShop e-Commerce system: www.we-shop.com.au

WeEat Food Ordering and Delivery System: www.we-eat.com.au

Contact us

For any inquiries to WeShop, WeEat or other business inquiries, please contact WeBOOST with the following details.

Phone: 03 8512 9918

Email: [email protected]