Chadstone Shuttle Bus

Chadstone Shopping Centre is the largest integrated shopping centre in the southern hemisphere. To facilitate shopping for consumers, a free shuttle bus is provided to transport consumers from the Melbourne city area to the mall. The WeBoost-developed WeChat mini program makes it easy for consumers to book tickets, check the free shuttle bus schedule, and provide more convenient transportation services.

The design style of the mini program follows Chadstone’s overall image design style, highlighting fashion, high-end, and simplicity. The dark tone blurs the physical style, high contrast colors, and highlights key features while considering the usage habits of both Chinese and English users and making detailed adjustments accordingly.

Online Booking

This mini program allows users to make online reservations for the free shuttle bus service provided by the mall, supporting one-way and round-trip bookings. Users can choose the mall and the desired reservation time on the app, and the system will automatically display available shuttle bus schedules.

In addition, the app also provides real-time tracking of the shuttle bus’s location and arrival time, enabling users to stay informed of its status. This function not only improves the convenience and efficiency of the mall’s shuttle service but also provides a more comfortable and convenient shopping experience for users.

Bus Information

Users can access the map and timetable of the mall’s shuttle bus stations. They can also customise the query date and time to meet their individual needs. With this feature, users can better plan their travel routes and time by checking the location of the stations, shuttle bus schedules, and arrival times.

This function improves the efficiency and comfort of using the shuttle bus service by providing users with more convenient access to information about the shuttle bus’s operation status and station locations.

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