Areal Property

Areal Property is located in Box Hill, focusing on real estate services, providing house sales, property leasing and management services for domestic and foreign customers. In 2019, we developed a set of owner apps for them, which was officially launched in 2020. Since its operation, it has greatly eased the problems that customers encountered in the process of property leasing management, such as housing management, tenant management, lease management, warranty management, and bill management. For operational issues, the entire process has been informatized, allowing owners to monitor the property in real time without leaving home, which has also greatly improved the work efficiency of property stewards, and truly helped customers achieve work efficiency improvement and customer satisfaction. Increased speed and labor cost consumption.

The house is a special financial asset, and all house owners hope to be able to grasp the status of the property under their name in real time. Weisi Technology fully considers the core role of the landlord’s role in property leasing management, and provides a convenient and clear application for landlords, so that the majority of owners can understand the attributes of their houses anytime and anywhere, including: tenant status, Lease status, warranty status, maintenance progress, daily inspections, income and expenditure details, and various reports, truly ensure peace of mind and peace of mind.

Property Overview

Each owner can clearly view all property information and reports under his name through the APP, which mainly includes: tenant information, rent information, lease contract information, rental income details, housing-related reports, etc.

Property Maintenance Management

Property maintenance is a necessary link in real estate management. Through this APP, whether it is a property manager or an owner, they can clearly initiate property maintenance or maintenance tasks, confirm the maintenance contract, follow up the maintenance process, and grasp the maintenance results, so that the majority of owners do not have to go to the scene , you can clearly grasp the whole housing process.

Routine inspection report

In the housing entrustment management, the intermediary’s daily inspection is to ensure that there will be no unknown problems in the entrusted housing of the owner, and effectively avoid the risks in the housing entrustment management and leasing process. Through this APP, the property manager will upload the daily work to the system in a timely manner, and the owner can also check the real situation of the property under his name anytime, anywhere, effectively prevent various risks in the house leasing process, and ensure the integrity and effectiveness of his own assets.

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